Geocentrically we use sun as the birth point, and omit earth. Heliocen-trically we omit sun and use earth, as opposite to birth point. From either of these positions, the effects of the angles would not be different, although the angles might be called by different names. Call them what you will, and it would not alter (Helio or Geo.) the good and bad influences of the signs from the birth date as we have given them.

Every circle is composed of 360 degrees. A cycle of a year has 365 days, and is a little larger than the circle of the Zodiac, and yet, each of them have but 360 degrees, because a degree is but a point, or a corner of a circle, no matter whether the circle be large or small.

One-twelfth of a circle is an Angle, an Angel, a Sine, termed in Astronomy and Astrology "a Zodiacal Sign," and never changing. A Sign measures exactly 30 degrees, never any more nor less. The constellations, or the equinoxes of the heavens, or the planets, the moon, the earth, or the Sun, change more or less from time to time, but the Signs never change. To understand the laws of movements it is better to carry these other factors around the Signs, than to carry the Signs around the heavenly bodies.

Hence the Wonder Wheel presents the Signs as the; are arranged for tee Compass points. Aries, east, Cancer, North, Libra, West, Capricorn, South always. Variations from these points are Mundane and not Zodiacal matters.

The Wonder Wheel contains all the signs of the zodiac, arranged in a circle, and each sign corresponds to numbers In relative order from 1 to 12

The earth is a circle and also has 360 degrees. One-twelfth of the Earth circle is called a "House," to distinguish the quality of things whether Mundane or Zodiacal. The Houses are constantly changing, sometimes even and sometimes uneven, in their relative position with the Zodiacal Signs, so that a House may sometimes contain two or three Signs, yet in Nature, no house has more than 30 mundane degrees, measured on the earth circle. Even Houses, as the Earth is about the 21st of March and September every year, are called Natural Houses. The Wheel shows the Natural Houses. They are same as the Signs, hence, in Nature, the quality of the Signs and the Natural Houses are precisely the same, and people born when the Signs and the Houses agree, are called "Cardinal births." Within them are contained the qualities upon which all life depends in Nature. Their conception takes place at the solstices and they are born into the world at the equinoctionals. Uneven Houses are at all other times of the year, and are called Artificial Houses. People born with uneven houses are not natu ral births, but, are more or less artificial, though perhaps not so much so as if born in an incubator. Positively even Houses are not possible only at the Equator. The true children of Nature may best be found there. North or south of the Equator we are more or less artful according to the inharmony existing between the Signs and the Houses at our births.

A figure of a horoscope is given at each corner of the wheel. In the four horoscope circles will be found the different significancies of each house. We make four because the same amount of matter in one would make the spaces too crowded to present so conveniently. These horoscope figures look like this, which Is a reduction of the one in the lower left hand corner of the wheel.

The number of the sign we call your "Birth Number." Find your birth number and it refers you to the house In the horoscope corresponding with the sign that your Sun is in at birth. The things in that house (In the four circles, like the above) spoken of there, are (most, or all of them) associated strongly with your life, or are attractions or events of your life In the sun-ship sphere.

For instance, suppose you were born with birth sign "2," then you would find in the No. 2 departments of the four horoscopical circles the words: "Riches, enemies of wives, liberty and loss or gain." By this you would know that your leading characteristic, which, in the Taurus tablet. is "Determined," would be largely exercised in life over losses or gains, liberty of action or conscience, and enmity to your wife or to your mutual companion."

The sign Aries always corresponds with the No. 1, in quality and matters of calculations. All longitudinal calculations are made from Aries, in the heavens. Aries 1b the natural starting point for all. In a horoscope all calculations are made from the first house, which is called the ascendant

The sign Taurus corresponds with the second house, which is the "Suc-cedent" of the first, and Gemini corresponds with the third house which la called a "cadent" sign or house because it is the farthest from the first house, which is the head of the trinity of angles in the quarter of the heavens to which it belongs.

To arrive at the exact variation between the Signs and the Houses, Horoscopes are calculated, out, usually with erroneous conclusions because of insufficient data. The Wheel is a Natural Horoscope of even Houses, each year, and, without deluding yourself with erroneous figures, you have in the wheel the Basic law, which is to first learn how far you are horn from the true law of Nature. This we learn by our Birth point in the circle, and by its aspects to the Cardinal points, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. These are the hinges of all natural life, and as you are in touch (or aspect) with them, so will your life in general be, regardless of whether you are otherwise possessed of Fortune, Friends, or the opposite.